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Image: The Bardo Story

‘The Bardo Story’ is the new album by Baltimore-based musician, film maker and artist Michael Collins, AKA Salvia Plath, set for release by Weird World on July 8th 2013.

The latest in a series of off-centre pop perversions by space cadet Collins (not to be confused with his namesake, the actual astronaut who partook in the NASA moon landing) ‘The Bardo Story’ follows on from low-key but much-loved releases under his previous Run DMT guise. Finding Collins’ at the delirious peak of his peculiar craft, ‘The Bardo Story’ is a truly twisted joy-ride through the warped psych-pop canon, as indebted to Monty Python and the Dukes of Stratosphere as it is Magical Mystery Tour.

The vision is focused, yet fried, with Collins and his band of cross-continental loons skipping between sun-struck, fevered freeway sing-a-longs ripe with coy mystery and arch humour such as first single ‘House of Leaves’ or the parallel universe drive-time classic ‘Bardo States’ and beautiful, hallucinatory instrumental vignettes recalling the very best of his earlier, more abstract material.

The result is a thrillingly engrossing, positively filmic experience of a record replete with all the mystery, magic and delight that life can harbour – as comfortable being effortlessly charming as it is spectacularly confounding.


WEIRD030CD | Out now

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  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Salvia Plath
  • 03. Interlude
  • 04. House of Leaves
  • 05. Stranded
  • 06. Bardo States
  • 07. This American Life
  • 08. Carly's Theme
  • 09. Phased
  • 10. Pondering
  • 11. Hidden Track
  • 12. Last Night at the Theatre
  • 13. Further Outro

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