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Image: Nothing Important

Richard Dawson is an experimental folk artist from Newcastle. Since his first release in 2007 (Richard Dawson Sings Songs and Plays Guitar), Dawson has steadily crafted a body of work that sets him out as one of the UK underground's most unique and compelling figures. His songs - often starkly unadorned, peculiarly intense and delivered with an eccentric virtuosity - show a rare gift for storytelling that is at once elegiac, unsettling, wryly comic and gleefully absurd. "Nothing Important", Dawson's latest release and his first for Weird World, is a four song suite comprised of two long lyrical songs and two passages of abrasive, beautifully off-kilter improvised guitar playing. Acting as a perfect window into the singular world he has created for himself, it explores broad ideas of memory, family, mortality and love through a prism of keenly focused personal recollection. 

Able to wring moments of profound observation from the most prosaic subject matter and also tackle topics of great heaviness with a beautifully knowing simplicity, Dawson's thrilling flare for detail and plain-spoken poeticism never feels over-burdened or mawkish - as comfortable citing Peter Beardsley, spaghetti hoops and Woolworths as it is proclaiming "I am nothing / You are nothing / Nothing Important."


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  • Side A
    01. Judas
  • 02. Nothing Important
  • Side B
    03. The Vile Stuff
  • 04. Thomas

WEIRD048CD | Out now

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